Thursday, March 20, 2008


There's no salutations, there's no pretending ati I'm even going to jaribu to put up pichas. Click the above link, even if you don't get to the end of my post: YOU MUST CLICK THE LINK!

This photographer is simply amazing. I'm not sure there's another way to say it, but I'll try anyway.
He invokes feelings of excitement and motivation in the artists soul. Looking at his work, I can't help but want to get hold of a camera, snap some pictures and photoshop the carp out of them (yes, carp...not the other word).
On looking at his work I ended up asking myself questions like, 'what the *insert slightly offensive word here* are you doing?, ebu show me your work. Kama ulikuwa unalala, amka! This is a wake up call, a preview of the kind of stuff you want to do but, for some reason aren', this is is some good stuff.
One notable picture involves two men in a fight. That picture reminds me of the movie Fightclub. It has such amazing detail, of the blood mixed with spit flying out of his mouth and through the air as he gets punched in the face, the sheer force that the attacker is using is expressed as he closes his eyes and gives his all, and like that's not enough, the brother goes and uses soft lighting, a back light to the left...can anybody say, haiya?!?

Leaving me saying the one thing that shows that I am truly a shagsmudu in Amerrrrica (many r's because of my Amerrrican accent); heh, hii ni real?

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