Saturday, June 28, 2008

Murfy's fLaW AMV Competition

Murfy's fLaW in association with Kenyanimation (that's us) and Anime Anonymous ( is running an Anime Music Video Competition based on the song, Your Friend, from their upcoming album. An anime music video (AMV) is a music video consisting of clips from one or more anime series or movies set to songs. It may be an existing anime, or you could create your own original anime artwork.

How to Enter:

If you're in Kenya competition packs will be available on Friday 27th June at the Murfy's fLaW show at Dass, and on Saturday 28th June at the Anime Anonymous group meeting at Junction. The competition pack is made up of a cd containing a copy of the song Your Friend, and a PDF version of the entry form.If you're not availale for the meeting, a soft copy of the competition pack can be requested by sending an email or downloaded from

How to Submit Entries:

Method One:

Digitally submit your entry by uploading your files to MegaUpload/RapidShare or another/your own web hosting. Please upload the file in a zip/rar archive together with the entry form, then send us a download link at so we can retrieve your entry.

Method Two:

We also accept snail mail entries which can be forwarded to the following address: Murfy's fLaWP.O. Box 44368Nairobi 00100Kenya


Monday 21st July (Midnight GMT).All entries received by this point will receive feedback on receipt of the videos.


Short-listed videos will be shown during the Anime Edition of the Murfy's fLaw gig at Dass Ethiopian restaurant, which will be on Friday the 25th of July. The winners will be picked based on the Judges opinions and a factor from the audience reaction.The videos will remain the property of the creators. The winning video may be used as a bonus feature in the upcoming album, at which point royalites will be discussed.

1st Prize: KSh 7,500

2nd Prize: Ksh 5,000

3rd Prize: Ksh 2,500

4th Prize: Bag of Peanuts.

Competition Rules:

Accepted formats/codecs: avi, mkv (XviD, DivX, DV AVI), mp4 (h.264), mpeg-1, mpeg-2, swf. Anything else, contact us first please.

Prizes will be awarded to what the judges deem to be the best three (3) videos. The judges decision will be based on technical merit (30%), artistic merit (30%), crowd reaction (20%) and judge's impression (20%).

No video headers/credits. Title cards will be made specifically for the competition.

Videos are to have no visible subtitles/fansubs other than those which you have added yourself and have noted on your submission forms for the judges (this includes text from opening/closing credit sequences). This is to ensure fair judging.

The majority of source sound (as in 95%+) must be the song “Your Friend” by Murfy's fLaW. Additional sounds effects can be added to aid one's concept (for example explosions, kittens mewing, puppies barking) but the song itself should not be otherwise modified.

The majority of source video footage (as in 90%+) must be anime. This could be your own artwork, or from an anime (or anime-style game, in-game footage not to exceed 10% of total time). Any other content will not be accepted. If you're unsure, don't hesitate to contact us.

As Murfy's fLaw loves children, any overtly mature themes, excessive violence, nudity, etc, will result in disqualification. Artistic merit will be taken into consideration, though we reserve the right to disqualify any video we deem unsuitable.

International entries accepted.

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