Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lean on me…NOT!

Today I got left, yes left somewhere where I had no way of getting out. I could have taken the bus halfway home and then the train a quarter of they way home but after that…well that would be the end of public transportation and I would be stuck at a train station closer to home.

Why would this have happened to me? Well, because people can’t be trusted and people don’t always follow through. This made me think, all the times I have tried to work on a project, someone somewhere has flaked on me. What does this teach me every time it happens to me? (Oh, and it keeps happening) It teaches me that your lead actor should always have an understudy, that you should always have the numbers for three other camera guys in your phone, always have a back up location for your shoot and always remember that someone is going to flake on you.

Once you’ve established your cast and set them up and all establish a second cast…potential actors and actresses, do it all over again as back up and make sure you have a solid plan B…a back up.

I’ll tell you this, come on, lean in a little closer and open your eyes just a little bit wider: if life doesn’t teach you that you should always back up then the power blackouts will when you’re working on your precious, precious animation. And in that giza, when nothing but the stars and the moon are shining, you’ll see a little glow in the dark sticker that every computer has in a secret location saying, “Do NOT lean on me!”

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Bint Ali said...

This is so true! It's one the reasons it's so tempting to want to do everything yourself.

Yet at the same time, working with people in an experience in itself. Like you said you have to have back ups and never take anything for granted.

But it also gives you a certain determination never to be the one letting others down when you're part of a team instead of its leader.